Fire Walls

1 to 2 Hour Fire Walls

firewall panel system

The FireWall panel system we install has been developed with durability, structural and fire performance in mind.

FireWall panels consist of two galvanized polyester coated steel sheets and a structural insulation made of non-combustible mineral wool. All three layers are then bonded to form a composite element.

The panel is ideally suitable for the construction of non-loadbearing internal partition walls that require a tested fire resistance. When a partition wall is installed into a new or refurbished building, it may be required to contain a fire within a space [compartment] or to provide a means of escape for personnel into which a fire cannot readily penetrate.






2 Hour & 4 Hour Fire WallsThe first concept is known as compartmentation and the latter is known as a protected corridor. When a non-loadbearing partition wall is providing such functions it will have to comply with the requirements of the Building Regulations and possibly insurance requirements.

The FireWall Panel System will meet all the requirements for compartmentation and protected zones in Building Regulation Approved Document B.








Fire Boarding and Cladding

fire boarding and claddingFire boarding & cladding are used to line the interior of boundary walls of steel framed industrial
buildings in situations where the wall is 5 metres or less from a boundary or adjacent building.

It can be used in most types of industrial property including factories, warehouses, and units.




Fire Rated Partitioning

1/2 hour & 1 hour fire rated partitioning systems are mainly used in locations where compartmentation is required, or to provide emergency fire routes. They are manufactured either from a plasterboard system, that can be painted, or have a wall cover.

The alternate system is a double skin steel system with insulation between the two steel panels. Both are highly versitile and suit any environment. Both systems have a wide range of doorways – single, double & sliding doors available, and a selection of window modules. Heights of up to 10m can be achieved. Just call us for more details.

1/2 hour and 1 hour steel partitioning  systems 1/2 hour and 1 hour plasterboard partitioning  systems